Sunday 6th December

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help me to hear your voice.

Touch me once again.
Give me the courage to be your beloved.
Give me courage to choose joy.

I need you now this Christmas.

Be born in me again. Today.

In Jesus' name, 



Thank you for all your support of Wrington Chapel and its work in the past.

We realise that many people are hard-pressed at the moment, and church may be the last thing on your mind. However, we are looking to the future when we can reopen and support each other in our usual way. Unfortunately, being closed does not mean our expenses are substantially less. If you already have a standing order set up, then thank you. But if you haven't, please consider getting in touch with Steve Osman and setting one up. If that is impossible, please continue to save up your collection money, and we will collect it all together when we reopen. Please note that the rules do not allow us to claim any Gift Aid on collections that are not taken up in church. So do NOT drop collection money off at Steve's house. Simply take out a standing order, or save it up for that great and glorious reopening day.

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This week we focus on

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Advent 2: The Word Among Us 

We look at the powerful beginning to John's gospel. 

We note the position given to Jesus, 

and we ask, 

what's the difference between the Word in print and the Word in flesh? 

Which do we follow? How do we relate to them both? 

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The Word

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. Became Flesh

Father, remind us that your word is alive, 
your Word is Jesus. 
As we read scripture, 
continually point us to him, 
that we may keep our eyes fixed 
on the only one who can give life.